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I Have Been Adopted

February 10th, 2008

In December it was one year since we lost our 14 year old dog. She passed with complications related to old age. I really didn’t think I would ever consider another. She was truly irreplaceable. Our relationships with our pets are like no others. Maybe it’s that unconditional love they give us. I don’t know, but after year I was feeling the absence of a four legged friend.
I was look at Pet Finders and couldn’t believe all of the animals in need of a home! I needed a walking buddy so my search for the perfect pooch began.

O.K. so there is no such thing as perfect. I made several trips to our local animal shelter. I would read a bio and take a trip. My first observation was the large number of Pitt Bull and Pitt Bull mixes there were.

From there I began my research. There are some fantastics websites like BadRap (in my home state). I also found a wealth of information at Pitt Bull Lovers From there I read a couple of books that were recommend. Bottom line: I asked myself those hard questions and realized that my biggest concern was dealing with other people and their misconceptions. That was one I could deal with. My last dog was a Boxer/SharPe mix that had no tolerance for other dogs.

On my next trip to the shelter I was looking at 1 year old pup that couldn’t stand still and didn’t even know I was there. My daughter was in another exercise pen with a Brindle, male pit who was about 1 year old. He was calm and attentive. He intrigued me… I went to see him. I squatted to say hello. He looked me in the eye, licked my cheek and rested his head on my chest. The rest as they say is history. Without going into a lot of detail, he had already been temperament tested. Though shelter dogs can act very differently once they are in a home environment, he remains a people pleaser.

Below is my new best friend, Riddick and he is in his forever home. He’s had all of his shots and has been neutered and chipped. We’ve been attending obedience classes. He responds well to the clicker, treats and praise.

He walks with me daily and isn’t too put of when people cross to the other side of the street when they see him coming. I crocheted him a walking sweater but it turned out so big that fits my daughter’s German Shepard mix.Riddick

This Blog is Really Spooky

October 28th, 2007

It’s good thing Halloween is in the air because this blog is full of cobwebs! Not the pretty thread crocheted kind either. These cobwebs are the no one has been here for a while kind!

I am offically finished with the certification course I was taking. This is me doing the happy dance. I can’t belive how much time it took.

I didn’t blog much but I still manged to crochet and even work in some knitting. Hey, I had to keep grounded. Sometime the head gets so full that the only way to stop the spinning is through the hands.

I am off to surf the net and see what the verdict is on the new Crochet Me book.

Blocking Granny Squares Before or After Sewing??

August 12th, 2007

I didn’t realize how many of these I crocheted until I started to block them! This Boho Blocks Cardigan is ready to sew up.
Cha Cha cha changes:

  • I used Hand Maiden Sea Silk, a single strand at a time. The original pattern calls for a double strand of a finer weight yarn. It just slides through the fingers like-well like silk. Yummy. I just know that this cardigan will have really nice drape.
  • I also changed my gauge to 3.25 inches for my blocks instead of 3.5. The original was a little too bulky for me.
  • Yep. I shortened the sleeves. This is definitely a summer garment.

When I mentioned I mention to that I planned on blocking my squares before I stitched them together. My friend suggested I save time and block my garment AFTER is sewed it together. This may work for her but I find that it can get wonky at the seams. What are your thoughts? To block the block or not to block the block? That is the question.



multi block.jpg


July 5th, 2007

Dang! Has it really been that long since I have posted comment? It’s true what they say about no rest for the wicked. That habit I have of wanting to do everything at once is kicking my butt. Between work, school, music lessons and trying to fit in Mr. Right I haven’t had much time for anything else. I think that one of the things I appreciate about winter is the way it seems to force me to slow down.

During these hectic periods in my life ART is critical. It seems that in order to achieve true balance I have to be engaging the left brain and the right brain.

W.I.P (work in progress)

  • Baby quilt. All pieced and ready to be sandwiched and quilted
  • Boho Blocks Crocheted Cardigan. About 8 granny squares to go.
  • Embroidered Socks (Vogue Knitting Fall 2006). I am knitting them from the toe up and am about 1/2 way through the calf.

I posted two pics of F.O.s

Baby its cold.jpg


From one Grandmother for another…

March 3rd, 2007

This is one of those “where do I begin?” posts. I bet you just said, “At the beginning”.  I think I will begin in the middle….

I picked up the metal size 7 needles and did the first thing I usually do~ I rolled them between my palms to warm them up! I think cold, metal needles (or Hooks) can be compared to warming my cold feet on my husband’s bare legs. A real shock and sure doesn’t put anyone in the mood.

My first thought was “this is why I don’t use metal straight needles”. My next thought brought me to their previous owner,  good friend’s mother. When her mother died and the emotions weren’t as raw, my friend gifted me with her mother’s knitting needles. I was touched that she would give anything to me that belonged to her mother. I believe my friend was somewhat comforted that someone would use them.

A few months later, my friend discovered that her daughter was pregnant. I knew there and then I would knit the baby something with her great grandmother’s knitting needles.

I cannot help but to think and wonder about the woman who owned these before me. What if anything, had her hands created with these very same needles? Would she be pleased that I was doing this? I think so. Would her grand daughter appreciate the gesture? I think so. Would my friend know that this was intended to be a token of honor for her mother? I am sure of it. I want them to know:

This is your grandmother’s knitting and I am proud to have done it.


Does This Sweater Make My Butt Look Big?

January 4th, 2007

Seriously! I didn’t think it was possible but this sweater makes my butt/hips look big. The waist probably should have been sugger and there isn’t much drape. I really liked knitting this sweater and I like wearing it-in spite of the butt thing. If you don’t recognize it even after it’s highly blogged about popularity, this is THE Simple Knitted Bodice Sweater. I love circular knitting and this was really, really easy. I didn’t bell the sleeves as wide as the pattern called for. Other than that I knit it as is. It just occurred to me that maybe butt IS big. That would explain a lot.
In the first photo you will see a yarn tag with my name. Tell me how was I expected to resist this?? Well I didn’t. Ain’t it purty?? If you have not checked out Scout’s Swag you won’t believe what you’re missing. Not only is she a wizard with dye, her customer service is exceptional.

I think it fitting to end my first post of the year with some resolutions. I know some people get furly about that but I really like starting with a clean slate and moving toward a desired outcome. I think I heard these on the latest CraftyPod pod cast. Even if it wasn’t there you should check it out for some great ideas.

1. Reduce 2. Reuse 3. Recycle This also applies to my yarn stash and other crafty supplies.

4. This is an original from me: Do not buy any crochet or knitting books or products that contain the word(s) “funky”, “not your-momma’s, grandmas…..anything” They are going to have to be better than sex before I plop down my hard earned for anything with that in the title. I think I am suffering from marketing overload on this one.

simple knitted bodice.jpg


Rosalie 1.jpg

Rosalie 2.jpg

Is This Learning or Teaching?

December 30th, 2006

The prodigal daughter has come home. My youngest child (the one who gave me three stretch marks- but I’m over almost over it) asked me to teach her to knit. I demonstrated, and then handed the sticks to her. She grabbed them like bayonets, stuck her tongue out, hunched her shoulder and dug in! Why oh why did I not take a picture? After twisted, dropped and mangled stitches she asked if it frustrated me that she was so awkward at it. I could honestly answer that it did not. Has she forgotten who toilet trained her? Now that was frustrating. Yuck!

After an hour she said it didn’t feel right and could I teach her to crochet instead? I assured her that I could. I taught her older sister and recently, her sister in-law. I reminded her that the hat a blanket I made her son for Christmas were both crocheted. We made a date for tomorrow.

My grandmother taught me to crochet. She said I was too clumsy to knit. It seems to skip a generation. I am really fortunate that it didn’t skip me and that I get to be the one to teach both of my daughters and my daughter in-law. I have learned to appreciate their determination to succeed, their humility to be taught and to learn. I can’t wait to watch their creativity and self expression begin in a new medium.

O.K. I Confess!

December 26th, 2006

Yes. I was working on my Christmas gifts right up to Christmas Eve! I put the finishing touches on the last hat around 10:00 p.m. Peeve number 102 is “quick” what ever… I realize I am as guilty as everyone else when it comes to quick Craftification.

In my quest for quick I did find a new book that I love, love (that was multiple loves): Get Your Crochet On! Hip Hats & Cool Caps The designs are funky (run me over if I EVER use that word again) fresh. I really liked her suggestion for using fabric glue and use of elastic.

I admit I am an Interweave junkie but their Holiday Gifts issue was a life saver. It has a number of items that you would find in their other publications but I like having them in one place. I think I knit and crocheted half of the projects in that magazine.

Our family decided we would have a hand made Christmas. Gifts focused on our talents and time instead of our cash. Our children took a family photograph, enlarged and framed it for us. I LOVE it. Keep in mind that our three children and their spouses have 8 children that are six years old and under. That picture was Herculean effort if there was one! There are the wrong parents holding kids (more effective to keep them still) and children looking in all different directions. It is so true life and precious. We exchanged sewn, crocheted, colored, baked and I think welded gifts.

I really got the prize though. My husband does auto body repair for living. He painted a custom grill to match my car! I will post a pic after he puts it on.

Some of my favorites were the face clothes. Just make your favorite dish cloth using cheneille or my favorite: Cascade Cotton Rich. Then I crocheted lace trim on the bottom of cotton face towels using perl cotton. Just grab your favorite stitch book and have fun. I weaved ribbon around the face cloth and tied up a luxery bar of soap before wrapping them.


Embroidery design from Sublime Stitching

mermaid 2.jpg

purple trim.jpg


tan trim.jpg

face clothes.jpg

Keystone Pricing….

September 24th, 2006

Please visit Sarah’s Blog for details on a situation they experience with “keystone pricing” and Tilli Tomas yarns. I am not going to go into the details since she does and excellent job of this. I am grateful to the education that this has been to me and happy to have found a retailer with integrity. SHOP SARAH’S YARNS!

Now on to some fun with yarn. Below is our own Ms. Violet. Three months old and already has a yen for the good stuff: Colinette!

Violet and collinette 2.jpg

Can’t Get No Satisfaction so I’m Going Both Ways

August 28th, 2006

I have come across several disturbing reports of people/customers being treated badly for a variety reasons. Lime and Violet (Sexy, Crazy Yarn Hos with and incredible podcast) described a situation where a shop owner called the police on a young man while he was shopping because his appearance made her uneasy. Another on the CrochetMe forum where a man who crochets was treated like, like, like a man at Stitches. Then I read recent poll in the new Quilter’s Home Mag (Ha! Male editor!!) 40% said they quit shopping at a particular quilt shop because they disliked the staff!

As I have said, I go both ways. Crochet and knit. I have a 3 year old grandson who we can’t get out of his sisters light up, rainbow striped Care Bear tennis shoes. And you know what? No one cares. Maybe this is why I just don’t get it.

I decide I would protest this kind biased treatment by Crocheting and Knitting on the same article. My little peaceful protest that gets me a sweater out of it! I found this- here is where you roll down and look at the picture- in Interweave Knits (did you hear the angels sing when I mentioned their name??). I really wanted to give Hemp a try. That would be Crocheting and Knitting. The other way just made me eat and put me to sleep. I don’t get that either. Two things happened. I had a FANTASTIC shopping experience at Kpixie. Beautiful yarn, Indie friendly and I got my stuff in 2 or 3 days!!

O.k. so I am ready to go and I see this! Then I decided I needed some backup. So I am going to the CrochetMe Forum and propose an “I Go Both Ways” crochet/knit along of Ice Blue Ribbon- A peaceful protest of bias. Looks like I’ll be visiting Kpixie again.

By the way, you still cannot leave comments on my blog (don’t know why) AND my camera sucks!

Oh! One more thing! My humble little blog and crochet earrings post was mentioned on Whip Up- I’m not worthy but sure got a charge out of it! SQUEEL

Sweater Hemp